Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Dr. Suga and Dr. Kosaki participated in the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in Boston from February 15th to February 17th. This event is an event organized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). It serves as an annual gathering for physical therapists across the United States to come together, share knowledge, discuss advancements, and update their skills in the field of physical therapy. Dr. Suga and Dr. Kosaki updated the latest evidence-based practices and advancements in physical therapy in the CSM.

Picture 1: Dr Suga and Dr. Kosaki at CSM

Dr. Kosaki had a poster presentation on the topic of how patient expectations for physical therapy influence treatment outcomes. He discussed how important communication between therapists and patients is. He also argued instruction before intervention is important to have better treatment outcomes.

Picture 2: Poster presentation section

Picture 3: Dr. Kosaki’s poster presentation

In addition to the poster section, the CSM provided educational lectures, platform sessions, and exhibition sections. Each section showed an updated evidence in various areas, including sports, orthopedics, neurology, pelvic floor, and so on. Our therapists listened to the educational lectures and explored the exhibition sections.

Picture 4: Educational session about marathon runners

Picture 5: Exhibition section

After the CSM, Dr. Suga and Dr. Kosaki had a group gathering with Japanese physical therapists.

Picture 6: Japanese physical therapists group gathering (from left, Dr. Kosaki, Dr. Aoyagi from Texas University, Dr. Fukunaga from New York University, Dr. Yoshida from New Mexico University, and Dr. Suga)

Next CSM will be held in Houston in Texas in 2025. Our therapists never stop learning and keep updating recent evidence for the sake of the quality of physical therapy treatments.