Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Our therapists are specialized in analyzing your movement pattern and physical dysfunction. Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) are often used in this assessment. Identifying functional limitations or asymmetries is key to help you achieve your movement potential. Simply performing a generic exercise program does fully maximize performance. Using FMS and SFMA, our specialists can help address any underlying dysfunctions and work with you to create an individualized training program. Throughout the process, we’ll also educate you on what is going on with your body to enhance your kinesthetic awareness.


We are certified in golf specific training and rehabilitation by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and a Level III Medical Professional as well as Level II Junior Professional.

Dr. Takada has worked extensively with golfers of all skill levels including PGA, LPGA, JPGA professional, and world top level amateur golfers.

He is also a competitive golfer. He has participated in MGA events and LIGA events. Dr. Takada is a triple winners (club champion ship, scratch tournament, and Weaver’s cup) at one of country club in U.S.

Dr. Takada believes it is important to perceive golf from multiple viewpoints to understand feel, the root cause of a problem, and the kinesthetic solution.t


Everyone should agree that running is whole body activities, right? It means in order to improve your running performance, you should assess and address your whole body. Unfortunately in our experience a runner always focus on the lower extremity such as hip, knee, and foot. No one comes to our clinic to say I need to improve my vital capacity of the lung (the volume of air during exhalation after the deepest inhalation) to improve my oxygenation of the body. But this function is also important to improve your running performance. We use FMT assessment, FMS, and SFMA, to assess your body as a whole and address the dysfunction in your system. You should feel your running become easier and more efficient after the program. Running technique also plays an important role in sustainable speed and injury prevention. But the technique is never be able to overcome your functional dysfunctions, such as joint restriction, muscle adhesion, weak link, etc. You should first address your dysfunction in your system, then your new technique will be more effective. Please read Running with FMT article by Dr. Mike Binet

Performing Arts

Performing artists are elite athletes. The level of muscular control and coordination they require is extraordinary. Working with each artist to understand their functional needs is key to improve their performance and to create their plan of care during rehabilitation.


Musician requires the highest level of fine motor control and coordination, as well as endurance. Their performance is supported by their amazing physical foundation. For example, a flute player requires a strong core stability to hold the flute in the place without tensing up the shoulder and forearm. This relaxed shoulder/arm supported by strong core is important to achieve the finest motor control of your finger. The rib mobility, functional diaphragm, and functional TMJ (jaw/lip) are key to make beautiful sound and melody. If there is an impairment in these structures, your performance may be limited. Also you may be prone to repetitive injuries. This concept is very important during rehabilitation when they are injured. Understanding how their injury or movement deficit impacts their ability to perform is critical in designing and progressing individual rehabilitation program.


In order to make magical voice, singers have to have functional rib and thoracic function, as well as efficient vocal cord and Jaw (TMJ). And of course, your lumbar spine/thoracic spine mobility and core stability can play a major role in posture, breathing and endurance. Singers can diminish their performance if any of above functions is impaired. FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) approach is able to assess your system, to find out the issues, and to improve them in order to maximize your performance.


Behind their extraordinal performance, dancers must have an incredible foundation of flexibility and core stability, as well as strength. Your motor control, kinesthetic awareness, explosiveness, and agility are developed over these foundations. Your performance will be affected if these foundations are lost. Also, you may have increased risk of injuries because the weak link in your system makes compensatory motion. Our expertise in FMT (Functional Manual Therapy) allows us to find out your weakness in your system and to improve them. In this way, we can help you to achieve your desired performance level.