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"Health for Life, Play for Life" - A body that can keep up until the age of 100. FuncPhysio supports your efforts to improve your health and physical functions, allowing you to live an active life without relying on medication or surgery as you age. We strive to assist you in achieving your goals.
One on One Session

One on One Session

FuncPhysio provides one-on-one treatment from physical therapists with specialized knowledge and unique techniques for entire session. There is no waiting time and no handover to support staff. We promise personalized treatment and high-quality care at all times.

Func Approach

Func Approach

We integrate Japanese Eastern medicine into Western medicine. This make our approach very unique. Try us about your physical problems that you have been suffering from for long time and/or that you have given up on.



The therapists at FuncPhysio have received high-level training. They provide high-quality treatment in various fields, such as orthopedics/sports injuries, women's health issues (pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.), TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), headaches, movement dysfunction, vestibular disorders (dizziness, etc.), digestive system issues, autonomic issues, and breathing issues.

Each Steps to Treatment

Reservations can be made by phone or through our website.

reception_checkinYou will be asked to fill out an initial medical examination form and a treatment consent form, which could be filled out prior to the visit via online form. Please wear comfortable clothing and avoid skirts, jeans, etc., as you will be doing physical activity.

Your therapist ask about your situation in detail. There maybe some overlap with what you wrote in your initial report. However it is important to hear from you. 

Yohei Takada

Comments from Dr.Yohei Takada

I believe there are four important factors in treatment. The first is “technique and knowledge”. Of course, technique is important in improving the patient’s condition, and in the medical world, it is necessary to constantly absorb new information, put it into practice, and have the best knowledge. The second is “environment”. It is also important that the place where treatment is provided and the treatment equipment are in place. And the third is “time”. Lastly, we need to have “passion”to treat patients to make them better.  FuncPhysio was launched to combine these four elements.

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Golf Pro

Golf Pro

Back pain from Golfing

I had a chronic pain on my lower back. But Dr. Yohei's treatment and the training sessions improved my physical condition dramatically. Now I understand what is right things to do for my body and golf swing. You guys should go Funcphysio if you have golf related problems.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Pelvic issues

Dr. Nidhi has a depth of knowledge and treatment skills in Women's Health. I am a yoga instructor and help my clients who have pelvic issues. There are not many physical therapists who are specialized in pelvic floor treatment. She helps my pelvic malalignment, pelvic floor function, as well as overall my posture. Even my neck pain feels better after the treatment.



Constant pain for years

Dr. Suga is incredibly knowledgeable. I had been in constant pain for years- sleeping, sitting, standing, moving. I saw many different doctors and PTs, massages, injections, but no improvement. I was referred to Dr. Suga by Dr. Prather in HSS. They work together and I know



I want to talk about my specialty, “Breathing.” You might wonder, “Breathing?” It is the most common activity in human activity from the moment we birth, and we breathe more than 20,000 times a day. Read more…

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