Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Dr. Emi Yamanami

Dr. Emi Yamanami, PT, DPT, CFMT

Dr. Yamanami spent her childhood in Michigan, USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Michigan State University. She then obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Long Island University in New York.

After completing a two-year residency program by the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) in 2017, she achieved the certification of Certified Functional Manual Therapist™ (CFMT) with excellent grades in 2019.

Subsequently, while training at the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Health Institute, she has been involved in treating pregnant and postpartum patients, as well as those with female-specific issues. She plans to take the exam for certification as a Women’s Health Specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2023. Additionally, she recognizes the importance of the impact of visceral movement and function on all parts of the body and has taken a visceral manipulation class at the Barral Institute to improve her manual skills.

With her experience in playing volleyball up to university level, she specializes in sports rehabilitation and improving the performance of athletes and performers.

In addition to clinical work, she regularly holds online education seminars for healthcare professionals (physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, etc.) and fitness trainers to disseminate her knowledge and awareness of women’s health in the United States to Japan.