Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Yohei Takada
Yohei Takada

Origin of the name FuncPhysio

The name “FuncPhysio” is derived from the two words “functional” and “physiology.” This name was chosen to convey the massage of living with a a functional body by combining these two words.  

Corporate Slogan

“Health for Life, Play for Life” ; A body that can keep up until the age of 100.

FuncPhysio supports your efforts to improve your health and physical functions, allowing you to live an active life without relying on medication or surgery as you age.


「We help your healthy aging to achieve an active lifestyle even in your >80’s without painkillers and surgeries.」Empower your full potential!

At FuncPhysio, we always strive to maximize the recovery of our patients’ physical functions, regardless of the severity of their injuries or the complexity of their symptoms. We aim to provide treatments that not only address the immediate issues but also enable patients to maintain and improve their recovered functions themselves. To achieve this, we not only incorporate knowledge and techniques from Western medicine, but also those from Japan*. 

By taking a holistic approach that transcends the boundaries of Western and Eastern medicine, we want to support people in leading healthy and functional lives.

We are also involved in various initiatives to contribute to community wellness in New York City.

*Therapeutic knowledge and techniques familiar in Japan, such as osteopathy, chiropractic, shiatsu, kinesiology, myofascial release, and lymphatic massage.

An example of community wellness: the Radio Taiso in Central Park, which began in 2021 and starts every Saturday at 9:00 a.m., was started to provide an opportunity for exercise for New Yorkers who have become confined indoors during COVID-19 pandemic.

Radio Taiso at Central Park NYC

Definition of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a medical practice that aims to treat people with impaired movement function, developed under the principles of Western medicine. Therefore, physical therapists work closely with doctors to provide treatment in a wide range of areas, including recovery from injuries, improvement of physical discomfort, rehabilitation after surgery, injury prevention, and rehabilitation for neurological disorders such as strokes. 

While in Japan, physical therapy is typically associated with hospital rehabilitation departments. Therefore other derivative types of holistic approach are also very popular. We learn those holistic Eastern medicine to provide the integrative treatment approach. 

Integration of Japanese and Western Medicine

Dr. Yohei Takada's Comment

In 2002, I came to the United States, originally to study sports medicine. While learning physical therapy sciences, I have learned rehabilitation, training, manual therapy, sports medicine, preventive medicine, and various other fields. After working in hospital facilities including Columbia University Hospital and outpatient clinics, I opened FuncPhysio Physical Therapy P.C. in Midtown Manhattan in 2014 to provide the kind of treatment I aspired to offer.

In my opinion, there are three important factors in providing effective treatment. First is “skills and knowledge.” Of course, skills are essential to improve the patient’s condition, and in the constantly evolving field of medicine, physical therapists like us must constantly absorb new information, put it into practice, and have the best possible knowledge. Second is “environment.” It is also important to have a place and equipment suitable for providing treatment. And third is “time.” In the hospitals and clinics where I used to work, trainers and assistants were used to treat 2-4 patients simultaneously in one hour. As a result, we inevitably fell into a mass production-style treatment, which made it impossible to fully recover the patient’s condition. I felt disappointed because I couldn’t provide the kind of treatment I wanted. Therefore, I opened FuncPhysio to combine these three elements to provide the care that a patient needs. 

Patients come to FuncPhysio for various reasons, such as post-operative rehabilitation, sprains and injuries, stiff necks and headaches, back pain, and pelvic problems before and after childbirth, autonomic issues, breathing issues, and unexplained physical discomfort . Patients with long-standing bodily issues who have visited other specialists but have not improved also visit us to get better.

FuncPhysio like to contribute to creating a better society by providing comprehensive health and functional recovery for these people.