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FuncPhysio’s running club, which meets every Friday and Sunday, has surpassed 50 members, thanks to everyone’s support. As the weather continues to warm up, now is a great chance to start running!

In this running club, physical therapist Dr. Kosaki checks the participants’ running forms and provides advice on form and breathing techniques tailored to each individual, while running in Central Park. Since running form can change based on daily habits, muscle strength, flexibility, and the body’s condition of the day, regular checks are necessary.

For example, this participant was found to be bending his knee too much on his floating leg and leaning his body too far back.

This participant had a weak ability to kick her legs backward when running, and the shallow range of motion of her hip joints was putting a strain on her body. Dr. Kosaki advised her to develop the habit of extending her legs backward from the hip joints instead of the knees.

This participant’s left and right feet were unevenly placed on the ground. Because he spent more time on his left foot, he had too much weight on the left side, which caused pain in his left ankle.
The cause was that his upper body was leaning slightly to the right, which may have prevented her from riding his right foot properly. Therefore, Dr. Kosaki was asked to make his form easier to ride on her right foot by pulling his left elbow when he ran and eliminating the left-right tilt of his upper body.

This person’s body was slouching too much when he ran, Dr. Kosaki advised him to run with his chin pulled back and his chest dropped.

This person was also asked to run with the same awareness of leaning forward and kicking the ground backward with the feet when running.

This participant swings his arms more when he runs. (Running with only his legs makes him tired easily, so he should be able to run using his whole body.)

This person had a habit of letting her arms fall to the side when running, Dr. Kosaki asked him to be conscious of swinging his arms back and forth as much as possible.

FuncPhysio Running Club meets in Central Park every Friday and Sunday, checking each participant’s form in detail and supporting more effective running. Improving running form can reduce strain on the body and lead to performance improvement. Why not join the club and have your running form checked?