Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

On 3/22 (Friday), FuncPhysio Physical Therapy hosted a running seminar for runners with Dr. Kosaki, a physical therapist, and a secret guest, New York food therapy diary.

We invited members of FuncPhysio running club, which meets every Friday and Sunday, to thoroughly explain dietary methods for runners from the perspective of a physical therapist and Traditional Chinese Medicinal food to provide lectures to support runners be healthier and productive their running more.

Dr. Kosaki, the physical therapist, lectured on calorie and protein calculation methods for runners, as well as interval training and endurance enhancement, explaining clearly how to improve overall wellness and create a body that is easier to run with. Additionally, using the “V.02” app for runners, he lectured on how to run according to each participant’s pace and the appropriate distance for each.

As a secret guest, we invited the New York food therapy diary, who is specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary therapy, provided perspectives on the impact of running on the internal organs and ways to adjust dietary habits in order to optimize physical strength and overall wellbeing. The lecture was well-received, discussing what to eat and how to eat according to the season, foods that are good for digestion, foods that raise body temperature, and the relationship between internal organs and diet.

We will continue to hold various collaborations and events in the future, so please join us!

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