Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Collaboration with Ledac!

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Have your child ever had a sprain and let nature heal itself?

How do you prevent or deal with growing pains?

How can we develop the potential of children’s physical functions?

Our physical therapist, Dr. Kosaki, explained these various children’s problems thoroughly from a medical perspective.

Nervous System Development Affects Children’s Growth

The nervous system develops during the Golden Age (6-12 years old). This period is also a chance for children to build a body that is less prone to injury in the future, and in order to improve their so-called motor skills, the children actually learned various types of exercises in correct form with Dr. Kosaki.


The pandemic has drastically changed daily life, and changes in social activities such as remote work are affecting not only adults but also children. In response to these changes in posture, participants’ parents also asked questions such as, “My child has this kind of posture, what impact will it have in the future?

In addition, we explained whether you should rest when you are injured, the correct way to apply ice, and rehabilitation, making it a meaningful time.

Thank you for coming!