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FuncPhysio Running Club: Running Safely and Effectively in Central Park
New York City, Central Park – The FuncPhysio Running Club, organized by physiotherapist Kosaki, is a running community focused on health and wellness. This club offers runners the opportunity to run safely and effectively amidst the natural surroundings of Central Park.

Professional Guidance by a Physiotherapist
A distinctive feature of the FuncPhysio Running Club is the leadership of physiotherapist Kosaki in guiding the running sessions. This allows runners of all levels to get advice on running techniques and form that suits them, minimizing the risk of injury while training efficiently. The advice based on the expertise of the physiotherapist ensures a healthy and sustainable running lifestyle.

Healthy Running in Central Park
Every week, running enthusiasts gather in Central Park, and runners participate at their own pace. This program is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced runners. Whether you are a regular NYC Marathon participant, a beginner who has never run a marathon, or someone looking to return from an injury and run with others, everyone is welcome to join.

Wellness and Fitness
In addition to improving running techniques, the FuncPhysio Running Club also offers the opportunity to receive advice on fundamental training from a physiotherapist. This includes guidance on strengthening core muscles, proper stretching techniques, and more, providing a solid foundation for runners to become stronger and safer. This is a great opportunity for runners to prevent injuries while enhancing their overall fitness and wellness levels. Pleae join us!!

Contact Information
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