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Title: Vision and Movement: A New Perspective for Functional Physical Therapy Introduction

At FuncPhysio, we are always exploring innovative approaches to physical therapy and wellness. We often overlook how your vision influences on your posture and movement. The impact of vision on movement and posture are very significant as we know we heavily rely on visual information.

The Crucial Link Between Vision and Movement: It is a significant role of visual acuity in our ability to move gracefully and efficiently. It’s a reminder that vision is not just about clarity of sight, but also about how our brain interprets visual information to guide our movements. For example, activities like squatting are directly influenced by visual perception.

Vision’s Impact on Physical Movement: Patients often struggle with being farsighted and how it has affected their physical movement. They discuss the challenges of back pain and difficulty in performing basic movements, bringing a relatable and human element to the discussion. Many of our clients at FuncPhysio who have faced similar challenges.

Peripheral Vision is a Key Player in Movement: The key player is peripheral vision. This aspect of our visual system is crucial for positioning and posturing ourselves in space, yet it is often neglected, especially in our screen-centric lifestyle. We encourages you to pay more attention to our peripheral vision and its role in our physical health.

The Sympathetic Nervous System and Posture: There is a link between vision, head and neck posture, and the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This connection underscores the holistic nature of our body systems and how they work in concert to affect our overall well-being.

The refractive errors and corrective lenses shed light on the complexities of vision and its impact on physical therapy. Understanding the effects of different positions on visual acuity is a valuable insight to treat patients for our practice.

Conclusion: The relationship between vision and movement is highly relevant to our work at FuncPhysio. It encourages us to consider the role of our visual system, especially peripheral vision, in physical health and therapy. As we continue to provide holistic physical therapy services, understanding this connection could be key to enhancing not just our clients’ vision but their overall physical well-being. Therefore, we closely work with behavioral optometrists who understand how the visual information affect our rest of the body.

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