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We were honored to have Miyo Yoshida, a two-time world title winner at a JWN (Japan Womens Network) event, visit FuncPhysio NY.

Miyo talked about her upbringing, what made her want to become a boxer, and the hardships and setbacks she faced on her way to becoming a world champion. He also shared his enthusiasm for the title match to be held on November 7 at Sony Hall. It was a very moving and enjoyable workshop, not only for boxing, but also for the audience to hear the stories of people who are active on the ring.

Miyo Yoshida with Yohei Takada and Kohei Suga


Miyo Yoshida

  • Born in Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Female professional boxer, also active as a martial arts instructor
  • Single mother (daughter is 8 years old)
  • Studied martial arts in Hawaii by herself with no martial arts experience in April, her 20th birthday
  • Reigned as WBO Women’s World Super Flyweight Champion until last May
  • After overcoming the extremely high hurdle of signing an exclusive contract with an American promoter as a foreigner without a visa, she moved her base of operations to the United States.
  • Currently based at the prestigious boxing gym “Gleason’s Gym” in New York (famous for producing Muhammad Ali and Mike Tuxon)

Instagram: @MiyoBluedog
Youtube: 吉田美代チャンネル
X: @miyo_yoshida_