Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

I am pleased to introduce our new part-time physical therapist, Uta Ishida, who will be joining our team at Westchester Office. Uta has 12 years of experience in the field and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice.

She holds a degree in physical therapy and is licensed to practice as a physical therapy assiatant in Japan. Uta’s areas of specialization is in pediatrics, and she is committed to helping patients achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through personalized treatment plans and compassionate care.

We are excited to have Uta on board and are confident that she will be a valuable addition to our team. Please join us in welcoming Uta to our practice!

石田宇多 理学療法士(日本)

Uta Ishida

  • March 2009: Graduated from the Department of Physical Therapy, School of Medicine, Nagoya University.
  • Obtained a license as a physical therapist.
  • April 2009 to October 2019: Worked as a physical therapist at the Aichi Sankyo Bird Medical Rehabilitation Center, specializing in pediatrics.
  • December 2019: Moved to the United States with family.
  • September 2021 to August 2022: Worked as a PT aide at Millennium Medical and Rehabilitation.
  • August 2022: Obtained a NY State PT Assistant license.
  • August 2022 to present: Working as a PTA at Millennium Medical and Rehabilitation.
  • January 2023 to present: Working as a PTA specializing in pediatrics at Motion Hutchinson Metro Center.




Profile: 石田宇多

  • 2009年3月名古屋大学医学部理学療法学専攻 卒業
  • 理学療法士免許取得
  • 2009年4月〜2019年10月
  • 愛知県三河青い鳥医療療育センターで小児領域を専門に理学療法士として勤務
  • 2019年12月
  • 夫の帯同で家族で渡米
  • 2021年9月〜2022年8月
  • Millennium Medical and RehabilitationにてPT aideとして勤務
  • 2022年8月
  • NY州PT Assistant license取得
  • 2022年8月〜現在
  • Millennium Medical and RehabilitationでPTAとして勤務
  • 2023年1月〜現在
  • Motion Hutchinson Metro Centerにてpediatricを専門にPTAとして勤務