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Sports Autumn!Special Interview: Physical Therapist / Dr. Hiroya Kosaki

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Q&A about Physical Therapy

Q. What is the difference between physical therapy and chiropractic or chiropody?
A. Physical therapists are specialists in exercise and helping people to move properly and without pain. Although some pain-relieving techniques are similar to osteopathy and massage, movement analysis, manual therapy, and the implementation of exercise therapy are the strengths of a physical therapist.

Q. Tell us about your background.
A. After graduating from college in Japan with a background in soccer and a desire to improve my skills as a physical therapist, I obtained my doctorate from Emory University in Atlanta. Currently working at FuncPhysio Physical Therapy.

Q. What are the differences between physical therapists in Japan and the U.S.?
A. There are differences in degrees, laws, and treatment. In the U.S., exercise therapy is the main focus, while manual therapy is more popular in Japan.

Q. Who do you recommend Physical Therapy for?
A. Physical therapy is suitable for a variety of people, including those with pain, those who tire easily, and those who want to improve their sports performance.

Dr. Hiroya Kosaki

Dr. Hiroya Kosaki

After graduating from a physical therapy school in Japan in 2018 and gaining clinical experience in a clinic for 2 years, he entered the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Emory University in Georgia in 2020 to become a higher quality physical therapist. In order to gain a broader knowledge base, he obtained certifications in nutrition, strength conditioning, and kinesio taping while in the U.S. He graduated in May 2023, obtained his physical therapy license, and joined FuncPhysio Physical Therapy.

Utilizing his own soccer experience, he specializes in advising on how to move the body during exercise and injury prevention. She is also interested in the fields of orthopedics and sports, and has taken classes in manual therapy and exercise therapy to work on a multifaceted approach.