Integrating Japanese Eastern medicine with Western medicine.

Dear Rockstar Customer Care Specialist,

Do You Enjoy…

  1. Making Others Smile?
  2. Learning?
  3. Meeting and Talking with a Variety of People both in Person and Phone?
  4. Having a truly pivotal role in a company that helps active people stay fit, healthy and mobile while avoiding medications, injections and surgery?
  5. promoting and leading people “Healthy Aging” to be more active and free of pain even their >80’s?

If so, this could be the perfect position for you!

About Us

Before we dive into roles and tasks, let me give a quick background on the company and why this position is going to be so important…

I started FuncPhysio Physical Therapy P.C. in 2015. Previously I work in large hospitals and private clinics where I had to see 2-5 patients per hour. It was just like a factory, which I felt helplessness because I could not provide what I thought the best for them. Unfortunately, this kind of physical therapy clinic is all over the states due to insurance company dictation. This is the reason I established FuncPhysio to truly help people.

Originally it was just me. I was a therapist, administrator, marketer, and receptionist. Less than one year, Funcphysio grew up quickly purely by word-of-mouth. People recognized my quality of service and the results they are getting. However, no matter how I tried my best, I could not see more than 40 clients per week. 

My mission is to help thousands of people who are ignored by the current health care system like people; “I went to doctor for my back pain, but they just give me a painkiller”, “a surgeon recommended only surgery for my back, but I want to avoid it”, “I went physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage, but my back is not better”, “my doctor told me that my back pain is normal for my age, I just have to live with it”, and so on. 

Therefore, I recruited therapists who had the same passion and were expertly-trained. Literally, our therapists are one of the best therapists in the U.S. which I am very proud of them.

We only provide full 60-minute, individualized, 1-on-1 treatment sessions every time. 

This is FuncPhysio Team

Now, we have a great physical therapist team. Yet, we need Rockstar Customer Care Specialists to make sure our clients are happy and continue to receive our services. 

Growing Our Clinic (Job Description)

I’ve utilized part-time contract assistants along the way for various tasks and I’m still absolutely buried in administrative duties that keep me from not only treating clients, but also executing the important marketing and procedural systems the company really needs to grow efficiently.

We will be strengthening and growing our commitment to make FuncPhysio that gives its clients the best overall experience they’ve ever had with any healthcare office and work to save thousands of people to achieve healthy active aging with free from painkillers, unnecessary surgeries and injections in not only US, but also in Japan over the course of the next 10 years (and I don’t make that statement lightly).

At FuncPhysio Physical Therapy our mission to be the primary provider for people with pain or injuries and to enhance and empower the lives of people we encounter to change and grow.

The person in this position will have just as big a role in making that happen as the physical therapists do … probably even bigger.

This job could be best described as a mix of “office administrator” and “receptionist.” Though you will work in the clinic’s waiting area and perform the usual duties of a receptionist, you will also be taking care of many other administrative (and even some marketing & sales) duties. But please do not forget, this position is to career up to an office manager (COO), a marketing manager, and so on depending on your talent and contribution.

This is currently a full-time position, 40 hours per week. If necessary, some work could potentially be done offsite to accommodate for a fixed family schedule. (If you are really excited about this position and want to join us but cannot work full-time base, we are happy to open a part-time position for you)

Here are the primary characteristics a candidate who must have for this important role in our company:

  1. -A warm and calming demeanor and an affinity towards communicating comfortably with new people and making them feel welcome
  2. -Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain
  3. -Willingness to learn and implement feedback
  4. -Strong attention to detail
  5. -Very organized
  6. -A Self-Starter
  7. -Desire to work in an intimate setting, where our clients are only treated 1 patient per hour
  8. -Bilingual in both in Japanese and English

We are looking for a candidate who is able to adhere to the following core values:

People First, Patient Second: See the person as a human being and relate with them on that level, then find out what they need. We believe that the person who walks in our door is the 1st priority.

Pursue Growth and Learning: We are a company of self-starters who are never satisfied with the status-quo. We are always learning and not afraid to try new things. Personal growth and development using open and honest communication and regular feedback are vital to our success.

Keep It Positive: We help patients achieve positive and hopeful outcomes. Pain is normal, our goal is to help our patients understand what it means.

Do More with Less: We keep things simple. We are constantly streamlining and automating wherever we can. We strive for essential communication with patients about their body, treatment, and exercises. Less chat, more communication!

Over Deliver/ Go Above and Beyond Expectations: Provide an exceptional experience that was never expected.

Be Fully Present: Give patients and your work 100% Attention.

Model Healthy and Active Lifestyle: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Exercise regularly, get regular treatment; be proactive about your health for your patients, friends & family.

Create Community: Patients are part of the FuncPhysio PT family for life through all ages and stages of life. Employees and staff are also connected and invested in serving the long term goals and mission of our practice. We are a team!

Be part of something bigger: Be a Yes and someone who is standing positively for what’s happening in your life and the lives you touch, and for what you want to have happened in your future (and your patients future)—you’re a person who’s up to something bigger, and you can inspire our patients by showing up fully in your life.

The successful candidate will work for the owners of the business to ensure that these core values are present in the day to day running of the business – and ultimately, responsible for the successful growth of the business.

Please re-read the job description and core values again and make sure you deeply believe they describe you. Every characteristic is highly important and written very deliberately.

If they do describe you, we would love to meet you!

Here’s a video of where you might be working…

Now, let’s dive into the details of your duties and how you can apply for this position if you feel excited about this opportunity …

Regular Duties and Tasks Include:

You will be responsible for managing a busy front desk and waiting room experience, meeting and greeting our patients, answering the phone, converting inquiries into paying clients and ensuring that all of our clients are looked after and made to feel welcomed whenever they enter your world. Ultimately, your job is to help us grow the revenue of the clinic by booking in new clients via the phone or those who walk into our clinic directly and excelling at retaining those clients as lifelong customers of the business. You’ll do that by creating the type of customer service experience that clients will be happy to pay for – and just as happy to tell others about.

  1. Being a warm and welcoming ambassador of the company – greeting patients when they arrive, getting them water, taking payments, and scheduling future appointments.
  2. Communicate the value of our services (in person and on the phone) and be able to explain how what we do, is worth the price we are asking
  3. Successfully handle price objections
  4. Hold a lengthy (at least 15-20 minute) conversation with new patients on the phone ensuring that patients are committed and bought into our service
  5. Provide an exceptional waiting room environment for our patients that they’ll look forward to coming back to
  6. Ensure that people who call requesting appointments are placed on schedule and understand the true time and cost commitment involved in physical therapy
  7. Ensure people show up excited for their first appointment after scheduling
  8. Communicate with patients before, during and after appointments to ensure satisfaction is being achieved
  9. Recall names and faces of patients and in doing so making all our patients feel welcomed and remembered
  10. Ensure that all invoices are raised on time, every time and are sent to the appropriate person (in house or externally)
  11. Organize and plan all schedules – maximizing efficiency and revenue for the clinic
  12. Develop and regularly update the procedures library so that every aspect of the role is documented and can be achieved by anyone else in the business
  13. Plans and organizes, schedules and budgets in an efficient, productive manner.
  14. Prioritize tasks and Focuses on key priorities. 
  15. ​Creating and printing receipts for patients
  16. ​Being a grammar, spelling, and punctuation champion when sending and responding to emails
  17. ​Processing office email – we get a lot of emails and probably 75% of it is manageable and easily addressed by a well-trained office administrator
  18. ​Filing paperwork into appropriate computer file – we use electronic medical records, this will take very little of your day (and it’s already not very time consuming)
  19. ​Organization of the office 
  20. ​Maintaining and managing the office’s “customer relationship management” (CRM) software
  21. ​Learning all about the exciting world of ‘social media and online marketing’
  22. Check patients’ eligibility, deductible, co-insurance. Request prior authorization if necessary (don’t worry we will teach you how to do it.)
  23. ​Be flexible in your working hours – In the 21st Century, patients expect to be seen before, during, after work and on weekends. We know that back pain doesn’t go away for our patients after 5pm. Because of that, and to be successful in this role, we may need to ask to cover with coordination of other receptionist to cover at least 9am-730pm on weekday and 9am-4pm on Saturday. 
  24. ​Contribute and attend clinic Continuing Education and training as well as a community workshop: We contribute community workshops to increase awareness of health. Please participate and help others. Requirement: workshop participation at least twice a year
  25. ​Drive referrals – We work as a team. Word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals are specifically the foundation of our business. Be a great ambassador for us
  26. Patient review/testimonial – for example, within 3 months we expect that at least three 5 star reviews for either Google, Yelp, or facebook.
  27. ​Patient visit average – the most successful therapists at this practice have an average patient visit of >30-35 treatment sessions per week… to be successful in this role we expect that your communication and ability to handle money/co-pay objections will allow our therapists to achieve this target. Also handling waitlists and patients’ follow up calls are very helpful to achieve a therapist to keep their stats level. (don’t worry too much, we have a great software to handle the hassle)
  28. ​Be responsible for limiting “drop-offs” – Patients who book appointments and then drop off schedules are not good for either party involved. Because of that, you will be required to be pro-active in making regular re-activation phone calls to the people who have dropped off our schedule.
  29. ​Being responsible for maintaining your own personal movement practice and taking care of your body at least 3 days a week. That may include walking, running, yoga, Gyrotonic, Pilates, working out in a gym, CrossFit, cycling, etc…

​Just being awesome in general and proactively thinking of things that could make a huge difference to the way the business runs

​I have another related business in which I help physical therapists to be out of the traditional Japanese system, therefore they can help more people, like us. You might also be helping me with certain tasks there as well (posting blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, emails, customer service, etc … don’t worry, we can grow together. So you’ll also get to learn all about how a business works.

 P.S. in case you were wondering: This PT clinic is not “in-network” with any insurance/Medicare. We take insurance with out-of-network benefit, yet we work with a billing company so experience with medical billing is not necessary, and you won’t have to spend your time arguing with insurance companies

Salary range: $15(Probation Period)-$22/hour. However, remember you have a lot of room to grow and carrier up!!

How to Apply…

Thanks for reading this far! You’re already showing some of the characteristics we are looking for so if you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to:

and …

  1. The Subject should be “I’m that rockstar admin assistant!”
  2. Attach your resume as a PDF file
  3. Within the email, please write 550 words about why you feel you are a great fit for this position. Then please translate the sentences into Japanese as well. 
  4. Please follow the instruction written in the email you receive. 

Thank you so much for your interest in this position.

I hope to meet you soon!

Yohei Takada