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LPGA Tour Players Visit FuncPhysio Physical Therapy New York for Body Care! Featuring Mone Inami

Located in New York, FuncPhysio is renowned for providing top-notch physical care to everyone from professional athletes to the general public. Recently, our clinic was visited by top LPGA Tour players, including Japan’s golf star, Mone Inami, a silver medalist at Tokyo Olympic 2020.

FuncPhysio Providing Care for LPGA Tour Players

LPGA Tour players undergo rigorous training and competitions to consistently perform at their best. Therefore, body care is essential. At FuncPhysio, Yohei Takada is specialized in Golf and provides care for several LPGA and PGA players.

Mone Inami Visits FuncPhysio

Mone Inami visited FuncPhysio while in New York to participate in the Cognizant Founders Cup and the Mizuho Americas Open. She chose to receive treatment from our clinic’s experts to prepare for these crucial tournaments, especially coming U.S. Women’s Open next week.

Preparing for the U.S. Open

The experts at FuncPhysio provide tailored treatments to meet each player’s specific needs, enhancing their performance.

Features of FuncPhysio’s Care

  1. Latest Technology and Equipment: At FuncPhysio, we use the latest rehabilitation technologies and equipment to support the prevention and recovery of injuries.
  2. Customized Treatment Plans: We offer customized treatment plans tailored to each athlete’s needs to bring out their optimal performance.
  3. Experienced Staff: Our clinic’s staff consists of experts in sports rehabilitation with extensive experience and knowledge, trusted by professional athletes.

Choose FuncPhysio for Professional Care

At FuncPhysio, we provide high-quality physical care not only to professional athletes but also to the general public. If you want to maximize your physical performance, prevent injuries, or recover from them, please consult our clinic.